School based youth nurse


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The School Based Youth Health Nurse works with a preventative focus including early identification, brief intervention and harm minimisation activities.  The nurse is often the first point of contact for young people, their families and school community members seeking information, advice and support for health matters.  For issues requiring treatment or intensive counselling, they play an important role in providing referral for clients to the relevant agencies.  School Based Youth Health Nurses ​do not provide or teach first aid, care for wounds or administer medications in their role. ​

Within their allocated schools the School Based Youth Health Nurse provides support and assistance to address the health needs of young people, their families and school community members in consideration with local needs. 

The nurse provides one-on-one confidential consultations for individuals which might include topics such as the following:

    • Health and Wellbeing Concerns
    • Relationships – Family, Peer and Boy/Girl or other
    • Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs
    • Sexual Health
    • Stress and or unhappiness
    • Puberty
    • Healthy eating, exercise, weight and eating concerns
    • Linkages and referrals to other services
    The nurse provides support for school community and staff by offering the following:
    • Health Promotion Activities
    • Provision of Health Related Resources
    • Work with staff to assist with some health related/promotion activities within the  classroom/school environment
    • Linking school community with relevant community and other services

    Mandy chooses to be a SBYHN because she believes that every young person deserves every chance to live a long, happy, healthy and meaningful life! Nurses care very deeply about health equity and the influence this can have on a young people's experience at school. This is why Many chooses to work in schools. To be a member of the BODHI team is a privilege as it provides opportunity for early interventions that enable young people to strengthen their connection with school and to access an education. After all, prevention is always best, and obtaining an education is both a human right and an incredibly powerful protective factor for health and wellbeing. There are too many favourite SBYHN tasks for me to mention here, but if Many had to choose the top three they would be:-
    • ​working in partnership with schools to deliver a whole school approach that supports students to achieve their personal best
    • early interventions that reduce the risk of developing a mental illness
    • sitting with young people and listening to their stories and views on life. ​

    Make an appointment

    The current School Based Youth Health Nurse Marnie Munn ​works on Tuesday and Thursday​and is located in the Administration building.

    To make a private and confidential appointment with the School Based Youth Health nurse please send an email to

    Last reviewed 20 April 2023
    Last updated 20 April 2023