Junior secondary



Brisbane Bayside State College (BBSC) creates an educational environment which remains supportive, disciplined and academically challenging, facilitating student engagement in a rich curriculum that enables them to develop both the skills and capabilities to emerge as learners and leaders of the 21st century.

The Junior Secondary classroom is one characterised by an emphasis on the development of highly literate and numerate inquiring students who, through the application of literacy and numeracy strategies, engagement in high order thinking skills and use of technology for learning, are equipped with the skills and capacity to become active citizens.

Building strong learning focused relationships between the student and teacher is critical to student success; as such Junior Secondary students have a core teacher for English and History/Geography as well as for Maths and Science. Students also have a common home room for these core subjects.

Distinct identity

We seek to provide Junior Secondary students at Brisbane Bayside State College with a distinct identify which is supported through the establishment of year level specific designated lunch spaces. Students have a specific Junior Secondary uniform and a Junior Leaders program, allowing for representation of this cohort in both the school and broader community.

A supportive team

The Junior Secondary school is a holistic environment in which students personal, social and educational needs are met through the operation of a team of staff and support personnel beginning with a core wellbeing leader, who remains their teacher for two of the core subjects, a wellbeing year co-ordinator for the year, a junior secondary deputy principal, a school nurse, guidance officer, school based police officer, Indigenous liaison officer and respective faculty based heads of department.


At Brisbane Bayside State College we had a purpose built year 7 building open in 2015.  This space includes 9 state of the art, technologically rich classrooms, which are furnished with modular educational furniture fostering the creation of a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

For Brisbane Bayside State College, we have developed a Learning Gateways model for the middle school program of learning that promotes a smooth and engaging transition from primary to secondary school for all students. At our school, we will invite students to enter a Learning Gateway that will see them engage in learning that is focussed on their preferred style of Inquiry, Design or Performance.
Through examination and discussion of what has excited and promoted success for the student in earlier schooling years, each individual can select a gateway that matches their learning strengths.

Inquiry and Discovery

This gateway focuses on learning through inquiry. Students will connect with local and global communities through investigations, analysis of information and situations, persuasive writing and experiments. Students who have enjoyed the learning in Science, Study of Society and Health and Physical Education are expected to enjoy the types of learning activities that students of this gateway will engage in.

Innovation, Technology and Enterprise

This learning through design gateway will immerse students in a learning program focused on technical expertise and engagement in individual and group enterprises. This gateway is expected to appeal to students who enjoy and succeed at problem solving, planning, designing and creating items, and finding practical solutions to challenges. This gateway will engage students who are attracted to the learning of Business, Mathematics, Technology and Robotics.

Arts and Culture

Learning through performance is the focus of learning in this gateway. This gateway will employ physical, oral and written performance mediums as a key element of a learning program aiming to develop independent, critical and creative thinkers. This gateway will appeal to students who enjoy and succeed at creative writing and performance, organising activities, and exploring culture. Students who have enjoyed the learning in English, Visual and Performing Arts, and Languages will thrive within the Arts and Culture gateway.
Students study the same key-learning area subjects in each Gateway; it is the methods of delivery of learning, and the types of learning activities that students will engage in that will vary depending upon the learning Gateway selected.
Last reviewed 13 June 2019
Last updated 13 June 2019