Senior secondary


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​At Brisbane Bayside State College year 10 provides a link between the junior and senior school. The year 10 program is based on the attainment of specific outcomes designed to ensure students have reached suitable standards which they continue to develop as much as possible.  Students study six subjects in each semester.  English, Mathematics and Science are compulsory all year. Students also select three electives for each semester from a large range of subjects on offer.

Starting with the year 10 career pathways program, students quickly identify their strengths/weaknesses, likes/dislikes and investigate the wide variety of education and training opportunities available to them.  From this students develop their Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan which outlines specific targets and goals for year 11 and beyond.  It forms the basis of their senior subject selection.

Brisbane Bayside State College School offers a diverse range of subjects that can be studied in years 11 and 12. This reflects our commitment to meeting the learning needs of our student population. In years 11 and 12 students study six subjects. In addition to an English subject and a Mathematics subject, students choose four more subjects from a large range of subjects. Students may study Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) General subjects or select from a range of QCAA Applied and/or Vocational Education and Training (VET) subjects. To obtain an ATAR a student can study up to 6 General subjects (minimum of 4) and then supplement this with one Applied subject.   

Our school community considers it very important that students graduate from our school with a worthwhile qualification therefore our senior years' program is geared toward rigorous study, complemented by a range of opportunities for students to broaden their experiences. Students whose intention is to go to university have the opportunity to access university study links. 

Students on a vocational pathway can elect to study VET  subjects both on and off the campus. Alternative Pathways include opportunities such as school based apprenticeships and traineeships (SAT), attending external Registered Training Organisation's (RTO's) such as TAFE, and work experience. Students on these pathways exit year 12 with a Queensland certificate of Education (QCE) that outlines both school and vocational studies.

It is important to choose senior subjects carefully as your decisions may affect not only the types of careers you can follow later, but also your success and feelings about school. Even though there are many factors to consider, choosing your course of study can be made easier if you go about the task logically.

It is helpful for you to have a few career choices in mind before choosing subjects. If you are uncertain about this at present, seek help in trying to choose subjects that will keep several career options open to you. Our Head of Senior Schooling and Guidance Officer will be able to help you get started.

You are advised to choose subjects:

  • you enjoy
  • in which you have demonstrated some ability or aptitude
  • which help you reach your chosen course and career goals
  • which will develop skills, knowledge and attitudes useful throughout your life.

The senior schooling department at Brisbane Bayside State College strives to assist students to access and maintain productive partnerships leading to successful futures.

To contact the Head of Department for Senior Schooling, please phone 3893 5393.​​​​

Last reviewed 30 August 2023
Last updated 30 August 2023