Stationery lists


The items on the stationery list are to be provided to students prior to the start of the school year, and are required in addition to the materials provided to the student within the Student Resource Scheme (SRS).  Please refer to the Student Resource Scheme page for more information about the Student Resource scheme and its inclusions.

Due to increased on-line learning and the introduction of electronic text-books the stationery requirements have reduced compared to previous years.  The stationery list​ can be printed and taken to your preferred stationery provider to purchase the stationery items.

​​Stationery​ items required​
BYOD laptop - Click for laptop specifications
Year 7 - 12​
96 page A4 exercise book ( One per subject)
Year 7 - 12 
One book per subject (6 – 8 books) *

A4  5mm grid book  
Year 7 - 12​ ​
Preferred option for all maths subjects
Wired headphones 
Year 7 - 12
16GB USB flash-drive
Year 7 - 12
Calculator - Casio Scientific FX-82AU Plus
Year 7 - 12
Pencil case​
Year 7 - 12
HB pencil
Year 7 - 12
2B pencil
Year 7 - 12
4 pack highlighters
Year 7 - 12
Blue or black pens
Year 7 - 12
Red pen
Year 7 - 12
Pencil sharpener
Year 7 - 12
Year 7 - 12
Clear plastic 30cm ruler
Year 7 - 12
Glue stick
Year 7 - 12
Student scissors
Year 7 - 12
Colour pencils 
Year 7 and 8 only
​Subject specific requirements​
Calculator - Casio Colour Graphics Scientific FXCG50AU 
Year 11 and 12 Maths Methods, Specialist Math​s, ​Physics 
​Logitech Headphones in-built Microphone (USB input)
​Year 10 & 11 VSW/Short course & Year 12 QCIA students​
Headphones with in-built Microphone
Year 9 - 12 Media Arts
​SD Card - 16GB (minimum GB size)
Year 9 - 12 Media Arts​
A3 fixed pocket display book 
Year 11 and 12 Design 
Sketch book + 2H pencil
Year 9 - 12 Design & Year 11 ​Industrial Graphic Skills
Artline fine pens
Year 11 and 12 Design 
*Years 7 and 8 have eight (8) subjects in rotation for the year. Years 9 to 12 have six (6) subjects per year.

Elective subject offerings in years 9-12 are dependent on numbers and subject to change.

o Students will be advised of additional stationery or project materials for specific subjects as they arise.
o Liquid paper and permanent markers not permitted.

Uniform Requirements: ​
o Everyday and Dress uniform, Dance shirt, Instrumental Music uniform and all hats from Uniform shop.​

o Sports shoes (supportive, no canvas) for HPE and Sport - from home.

o Enclosed leather school shoes for all Home Economics, Hospitality and Technology practical lessons/workshops.

o Steel cap boots for Year 11 and 12 Engineering Skills and Industrial Technology Skills - from home.

o Black tights for Dance - from home.

o Year 12 Cert III Fitness Shirts invoiced separately as required.

o Program Sports team uniforms invoiced separately as required.​​

Note: These items are required in addition to the materials provided to the student within the Student Resource Scheme.

Last reviewed 13 September 2023
Last updated 13 September 2023