Interhouse carnivals


BBSC has a strong sense of school pride and this is generated through the interhouse competitions. The main interhouse competitions include the Swimming Carnival, Cross Country Carnival and Athletics Carnival in which all students compete for house points to win the house shield. Students also compete for individual honours in the competition for age champion and runner up. Bayside encourages students and parent's participation in such days allowing house colours to be worn on the day, making the carnivals loud in both colours and cheers.

These houses are Campbell (Black), Galea (Blue), Lynch (Yellow) and Morgan (Red).



As these events are held on school days' students are required to attend and senior students furthermore required as it is a prerequisite for gaining senior badges and formal invites. On top of house bragging rights these meets form a setting that allows and trials for selection to compete at the Bayside District events that can lead into Metropolitan East and even State selection.


  • ​Swimming Carnival - Week 3​, Term 1 
  • Cross-Country - Week 10, Term 1
  • Athletics Carnival - Week 8, Term 2

Cost:                     ​ Nil

Training:              ​ Coaching offered for athletics and cross country

Information:       For more information please see Mr Sanderson ( in O Block staffroom. ​

Cross​​​ count​​​ry​

Our cross country is held at the end of term 1 to try and use the great weather in ​all its glory. The course is a true cross country course that covers all types of terrain such as hills, creek crossings as well as swamp areas and foot pathed areas. The course utilises both school and public facilities as it starts in school grounds before heading out into the local streets and parks. We also have a walking course that covers 1.8km, catering for student who do not wish to run but still want to represent their team and gain points for the shield. As with all carnivals competitors are timed and students who make the qualifying times are invited to represent the school at Bayside District Cross Country.

Athletics carnival

Our athletics day (track and field) occurs towards the end of term 2. With pure numbers of student competitors, we stagger the events so that not are all held on the main day. This involves some lunch time events prior to the date but still provide a spectacle for students to watch as they enjoy their lunch. Events such as high jump, javelin and the long distance running are held earlier for both safety and logistical reasons. On the day of competition, we encourage participation by having a real carnival atmosphere with music, food and festivities apparent. Intermittent between track and field events we also hold novelty events that score points for Champion House, these events sometimes provide more excitement from houses as all students are involved and excited to score points for the team. This event also provides a setting for selection into the Brisbane Bayside State College squad that attends District Trials that occur in term 3.

Swimming Carnival

The Swimming Carnival is the first cab off the rank and takes place early in the year at The Sleeman Sports Complex at Chandler. Students pre nominate for their events if they are looking to be competitive and compete for Age Champion honours. Non-competitive races as well as novelty events are also run so that all students have the opportunity to participate and compete for house points. The ​day is a lot of fun with novelty events, house war cries, music and dress up competitions. Times from these events allows us to appropriately select a team that will represent Brisbane Bayside State College at the Bayside District Trials that is also held at Chandler.​​​

Last reviewed 27 October 2021
Last updated 27 October 2021