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Sport is an essential element of education 'George Sheehan'. Fortius Quo Fidelius, has a rough translation between 'Strong and Virtue' and 'Strength through loyalty'. This is a characteristic we wish to impart on all of our charges at Brisbane Bayside State College and the sporting program that we provide promotes this.

The sports program at Brisbane Bayside State College continues to play a massive role in our students individual and collective experience at school allowing our students a well-rounded education, balanced with a healthy competitive streak.  At Bayside we believe that valuable lessons are taught through participation in sport, and these lessons compliment the learning that happens in the classroom, allowing our students to grow and develop into model citizens of today’s society.

At Brisbane Bayside State College we encourage all students of all abilities to compete for sporting prowess. Our definition of 'sporting prowess' includes the elements of participation, sportsmanship, teamwork and skill acquisition to name a few. We believe that having a go, and fair play is far more important than winning at all costs. That being said, preparation, training and a willingness to learn and succeed are beneficial in the sporting world. I as sports coordinator believe that success is a journey, it can be measured by willingness to learn, effort, and good old fashioned hard work.

Many of our past and present students have provided pride in our community with their commitment to training, tenacity in sport and their promotion of fair play.  We have had many members of the school represent the region, state and national teams.